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Vinicius Castro is a Brazilian composer and producer currently living in Lisbon, Portugal.
His songs have been recorded by artists such as Sérgio Assad, Gilberto Gil and Lenine.
Vinicius was nominated for the 2013 edition of the Brazilian Music Awards for his album CRIA - A Família,
and for the 2019 edition of the Brazilian Music Professionals Awards for his album CRIA - Pra Bagunçar.
Castro wrote 4 songs for the Emmy Kids-nominated series 'Gaby Estrela' in 2015.
His song in partnership with Adilson Xavier, 'Ser Diferente é Normal', was translated by Emily Perl Kingsley
and Sharon Lerner, Sesame's Street's writers, and presented at the UN in 2012.
Vinicius Castro wrote multiple soundtracks for plays and produced several indie artists from Brazil, US and Portugal.


Broken Machine Project
Som na Sala
Jogo de Palavras


Vinicius is the composer and director of CRIA, a Brazilian band focused on family and children's music.
Pra Bagunçar
A Família

estúdio quintinha

Renowned Portuguese authors have their prose and poems turned into music by Vinicius Castro.
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